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Blue Air

Flying with Blue Air

Blue Air is a low-cost airline founded in 2004 that has its headquarters located in Bucharest, Romania, and its auxiliary operating hubs situated at Henri Coand? International Airport and Turin Airport. It also has additional support centres at Larnaca International Airport, Bac?u International Airport and Ia?i International Airport. The company has a fleet of over 20 aircraft that travel to approximately 50 destinations worldwide. In 2015, Blue Air received certification for its high safety standards from the Operational Safety Assessment. A year later in 2016, it became an International Air Transport Association member.

Blue Air flights include a wide range of European destinations such as Nice and Paris in France, Stuttgart and Cologne in Germany, and Ibiza and Madrid in Spain. Many Blue Air flights also travel to Italian destinations including Naples Airport, Florence Airport and Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport.

Online check-in

Online check-in is not available for all Blue Air flights, for example; passengers flying to and from the United Kingdom are unable to do so. Other destinations where online check-in is not available include Bologna, Hamburg, Lisbon, Lyon, Stockholm and Stuttgart. For all other flights that do not support online check-in, passengers must check in directly at the airport on the date of departure.

For flights where online check-in is available, passengers must enter their email address and booking identification number. Alternatively, they can enter their surname and booking number. Checking in online allows passengers to save time from having to queue at the airport.

Hand luggage allowance

Passengers of a Blue Air flight are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage as long as it does not weigh more than 10 kg and does not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The handle and wheels are included in this size. All other personal items such as cameras and handbags must fit into the suitcase. The only items that are allowed to be carried separately from the hand baggage are purchases made from duty free shops.

Liquids are allowed to be taken on board as long as the liquid containers do not have more than 100 ml in them. All liquid containers must be able to fit into a sealed plastic bag, and the total amount of liquid per passenger must not exceed 1 litre.

Checked baggage policy

The cost of the baggage a passenger is allowed on a Blue Air flight is dependent on what time of the year the flight operates as well as the route the passenger is flying, as tariffs are split between both high and low season prices. Checked baggage may not be larger than 100 cm x 80 cm x 30 cm.

The maximum weight allowed for each checked baggage is 32 kg. Infants are also allowed to take 1 free piece of luggage weighing up to 32 kg. 2 people or more are not allowed to accumulate the baggage weight between them. Passengers must ensure they label their luggage with their telephone number as well as their name and address.

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